About Lucciare™

We synthesize fine-art and technological innovation to create an exclusive offering of rare and exotic natural stone designs in an eco-conscious and sustainably formulated proprietary surface. Lucciare™ is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the finest natural stone in the world, yet made to withstand the realities of modern life.

No Mineral Unturned

Our company core values embrace the philosophy of “Leave no mineral unturned” as it relates to our relentless pursuit to create the most beautiful, unique and authentic surfacing. Our team of artisans, designers and programmers have worked tirelessly over the past two decades to develop technology able to reproduce our visions of the world’s finest and most elegant natural stone. Every fine detail of vein, movement, texture, and mineral variation have been captured in our proprietary VisuArt™ design process producing a finished product that is virtually indistinguishable from Mother Nature’s natural stone.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Lucciare™ proprietary surfacing is formulated almost entirely from recycled materials. Our unique process produces a surfacing material whose “core” values are as precious as its finished beauty. Far superior in durability to natural stone, Lucciare™ has been sustainably designed, using largely recycled materials; preserving mother nature’s finite natural resources.

Rock Solid

Lucciare™ proprietary surfaces are made to a very precise and predetermined set of standards. Multiple and well defined quality controls from sourcing to casting and from aesthetic creation to finishing, ensure Lucciare™ complies with our vision of excellence. Lucciare™ is backed by our Lifetime Warranty and perfectly suited for almost any kitchen, bath, commercial or custom application.

Endless Possibilities

Lucciare™ proprietary surfaces are offered in dozens of unique, elegant and exquisite natural stone patterns across our five distinct collections that will adorn and personalize any residential or commercial space.