About Lucciare®

Lucciare® synthesizes technological innovation and fine-art design to create an exclusive offering of rare and exotic natural stone designs. The result is an eco-conscious and sustainably formulated FriTech™ surface. Lucciare engineered surfaces is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the finest natural stone in the world, cognizant of our impact on the planet, yet made to withstand the realities of modern life.

Mondria Kumair

Natural Stone – Enhanced

Nature has offered us many options for countertops – Marble, Quartzite, Granite, Soapstone, and others. Every one of them offers a level of beauty and durability, but they have all had their drawbacks. Until now… Lucciare countertops are crafted from natural minerals that offer the best of all worlds: Beauty, Sustainability, Durability, Stain Resistance, and a non-porous microbial-free surface, all at an affordable price. Check out our collections, and then reach out to your local retailer to learn more.

About Lucciare®

We pioneered the marbleized veining in quartz!

But we didn’t stop there. Designed in Italy, Lucciare products were first developed and evolved over 10 years ago. In 2013, we created the brand Polarstone® to introduce our Calacatta and Statuario designs. Our VisuArt® design manufacturing process introduced the ultimate in marbleized veining. Today, we continue to innovate with our advanced FriTech™ surfaces, using the most advanced technologies, including an even more elegant integrated grain design. With over 10 years in the market, we have proven that our countertops can withstand even the most active kitchen and bathroom usage. We stand behind our products with a solid quality control process and a limited lifetime warranty. Check out our designs today!

We can tell you our secret.

Our designs are fully integrated in our countertops. There are a variety of engineered countertop materials in the market so make sure you look carefully before you decide. When you examine Lucciare materials, you will see the full integration of the veins and design of our materials. The result is a look, rhythm, and feeling that is unparalleled by any other stones, whether mined in one piece or engineered. Other products do not share our technology, and you will see that when you look closely. What sets Lucciare apart from all other creators of engineered surfaces is our holistic VisuArt manufacturing process – the dynamic process we use to design and create our FriTech surfaces. Learn more about the VisuArt process here.

Sere' Pylos

Together for Sustainability.

Lucciare is proud of our commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Our factory has been designed to meet stringent guidelines. Using extensive filtering and sterilization of the environment, our plant is built using the latest safety protocols and sustainable processes to ensure the health of our craftspeople. Our FriTech formulation uses tailings, or "frits" from abandoned mines and recycled materials to preserve our planet, as well as minimize exposure and handling of fine particles by our craftspeople and installers. Thus, we not only reduce waste, but we also reduce your cost for amazingly beautiful and durable surfaces. All of this is certified, and that’s why we have won not only the base GreenGuard certification, but also the GreenGuard Gold award for our manufacturing process.