Bathroom Trends

Bathroom Trends

Engineered Stone Moves From the Kitchen to the Bathroom

For the last two decades, contractors, designers and consumers have been opting more and more for quartz surfaces in high-end kitchens around the world.  This trend is not surprising considering the incredible technological and aesthetic advances that have been achieved by manufacturers like Lucciare through their proprietary VisuArt™ process. Not only are these engineered surfaces unique and aesthetic works of art, they are virtually indistinguishable from naturally occurring stone with the added benefit of being significantly more durable and stain resistant.   All these characteristics make Lucciare Surfaces the perfect surface for the highly visible and highly trafficked areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

As kitchens have evolved from a purely utilitarian space to a show stopping centerpiece of the modern home, bathroom design has also significantly evolved. Hopefully the days of cultured marble and formica counters are forever behind us. Although white marble and simple-looking quartz surfaces still reign supreme in the modern bathroom, we are now seeing much more luxurious and high-end products like rare and exotic looking marbles and quartz surfaces as well as warmer tones of more elegant stone being used.  High end bathrooms today are a sanctuary for wellness and calm.  They have evolved to become a place of retreat and refuge from a chaotic world and increasing life stressors, and, as such, consumers are demanding luxurious materials that also provide comfort and aesthetic harmony.


Once relegated to countertops, in today’s modern, luxury bathroom, marble and quartz surfaces are being used on practically every surface:  countertops, tub decks, half-wall cladding, curbs and wall caps, shower walls and more.  The extraordinary variety of quartz surfaces available on the market mean that there is literally something for every aesthetic inclination. In addition to the great variety of aesthetic options, the large size and superior tensile/flexural strength of engineered stone slabs make them a fantastic choice for a big trend in bathroom design today – fewer if even, any seams needed! The look of a massive, uninterrupted flow of the “artwork” on our slab in the bathroom makes a dramatic and unmistakably luxurious design statement. 


For those who prefer a bit of color in their bathroom design, Lucciare has recently introduced a newly created engineered surface called Sapphire Bazille.  Dramatic waves of sapphire blue undulate through a mostly cool white surface. Subtle sand colored veining complements the blue creating a perfectly visually balanced stone surface. Sapphire Bazille evokes the meeting of sea and sand and is the perfect engineered surface for a tranquil, spa-like retreat.


Perfect for more contemporary spaces, Calacatta Manhattan from Lucciare features vivid veining and delicate gold accents that define this bright white surface. This ground-breaking engineered surface is the ideal canvas for two significant design trends in bathrooms in 2020: polished brass fixtures and black tubs. Its gold accents pair beautifully with brass fixtures and its bright white surface is the perfect contrast to a bold black tub.

Concrete or concrete-look surfaces have been around for decades but are quickly gaining in popularity, especially in high-end designer bathrooms where the organic, natural texture of concrete lends itself to a serene, spa-like feel.  Sere’ Pylos from Lucciare with its rich, neutral gray color and interesting visual texture create the perfect canvas for various hardware and software choices, allowing maximum design flexibility and timeless appeal.


From a purely aesthetic point of view, Lucciare engineered surfaces are an excellent option for not only kitchen but also bathrooms.  From a practical point of view, engineered surfaces are the ideal choice for bathrooms. Materials like marble and granite, though beautiful, are porous and tend to hold on to some of the germs associated with bathrooms. Microbes often thrive in the light surface scratches and nicks as well as in the tiny open pores in the stone that result from chronic use or too infrequent resealing. Quartz surfaces are smooth, durable and non-porous making them the ideal choice for creating an easy to clean, sanitary and beautiful bathroom. Engineered stone is a clear win-win choice in today’s modern bathroom design that you will enjoy for years to come.

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