Black vs. Blue Quartz Countertops

Darker Shades in Countertops Are Taking Kitchen Design by Storm in 2020


For the better part of the last two decades, gleaming white statuario and calacatta marble or similar-looking quartz countertops have been the dominant aesthetic in kitchen counter surfaces, and the standard-bearer of good taste in homes and design magazines around the globe. The use of white and gray stone surfaces in residential and commercial applications is not going away anytime soon because of their beauty and timeless neutral palette. The most popular trend today remains the Calacatta and Statuario looks.  The makers of Lucciare Surfaces are in fact THE pioneers, inventors and originators of these aesthetics in the engineered surfacing industry. However, design and taste do evolve and, naturally, designers and consumers are always looking for something different and new to set their kitchen and bath designs apart and create a unique look.


As people have been spending more and more time in their homes over the past few months, home improvement and renovations have skyrocketed. What better time to tackle that overdue remodeling project and completely change the look of your kitchen? Perhaps a reflection of the times, or more likely due to the innate human need to differentiate and evolve, the use of darker shades of blue and black stone or quartz surfaces is steadily becoming more popular in modern kitchen design. Just open the pages of any of the major global design magazines or attend any tradeshow and see the manufacturers of tiles, flooring and even cabinets “going blue” to find your proof.


There are many reasons to embrace this trend, which will undoubtedly become part of the classic design vocabulary for high-end kitchens around the world. Like so many trends today, the increased use of darker shades of blue and black quartz surfaces in kitchen and bath design are not only considered timeless and elegant, but owe their popularity to the amazing technological innovations in quartz slab and raw material manufacturing.


Always inspired by the beauty of nature, Lucciare is in the vanguard with two decades of innovation and aesthetic leadership. The colors themselves are outstanding, but so are the clarity and the details. Many products can look similar from 20 or 30 feet away, but the genius of Lucciare is how authentic their aesthetics look from the MOST important distance and vantage point: up close. Your guests will lean against the quartz counters with their drink glasses in hand and wonder, “What part of the world is this gorgeous stone from?”


New to the market from Lucciare’s Premium Collection, Castillo Gray presents a stunning nearly black, dark gray canvas with dramatic white lightning-like veining that will certainly make jaws drop upon first sight. Whether paired with natural light ash or sleek, colored cabinetry, Castillo Gray is pure operatic drama, appropriate in a super-contemporary or classic design environment.


As design continues to evolve and designers search for unique visual texture and color variations in quartz surfaces, the artisans at Lucciare have developed the soon-to-be-launched Concrete Collection. The concrete look with an exotic patina or veining is rapidly gaining favor among designers. Why? It goes back to the desire to push the boundaries and create something new and unique, striking the perfect balance of differentiated design with elegance. Real concrete can be extremely expensive and quite porous, which makes Lucciare’s Concrete Collection a more durable and pragmatic choice for those who want the au courant concrete look.


What’s driving this technical innovation? Unique to Lucciare, the VisuArt™ design process is the genius behind creating the most elegant looks, in the most versatile and on-trend colors. VisuArt™ is a dynamic process the results of which can only be achieved by a well-trained, expert team with a cross-functional skill set ranging from geology to engineering and from fine artistry to chromatics, working in concert to produce a true slab of art.


The gorgeous Palazzo pattern from the Lucciare Builder’s collection redefines quartz surface design and innovation. With a nearly black, dark gray surface, specks of faint white in symphony with black and faint gold veining emulate a romantic night sky. This is pure design magic, perfect for multiple applications both residential and commercial.


The pure aesthetic beauty of these dramatic quartz surfaces is undeniable. Their inherent beauty goes well beyond the surface aesthetics. Quartz is the perfect solution for most any surfacing area or need. What really sets quartz surfacing apart from all others is its extra-special ability to weather high-traffic, heavy-use areas. It is extraordinarily stain resistant and requires very little maintenance, unlike natural stone. Something else to know about Lucciare Surfaces is that a large portion of its raw materials are recycled, making them a wonderfully environmentally sustainable choice.







When the ubiquity of a specific design aesthetic persists for any length of time, the wave of consumer tastes and preferences invariably migrates towards something different.

Darker colors, especially rich exotic shades of blue coupled with gorgeous new concrete-inspired surfaces, are a strong new trend that is sure to become a future classic.  Lucciare is leading this trend with their 2020-2021 aesthetic introductions: cutting-edge designs in deep and rich shades of blacks and blues.  When making the choice between black or blue quartz surfaces, you really can’t go wrong.


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