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BUSTED! Three myths about FriTech™ surfaces

When it comes to engineered surfaces like FriTech, there are a lot of misconceptions that can float around.

Lucciare’s FriTech surfaces are the most durable engineered surfaces on the marketplace. Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and shatterproof, our surfaces are designed to last decades.

We want to clear up many of the myths surrounding engineered surfaces like FriTech. Here are four common myths about FriTech surfaces and the real truth about this amazing and durable stone.

Myth: FriTech surfaces can scratch?


False! FriTech is an extremely hard substance, with a Mohs rating of 7 (diamond is 10, marble is 3). FriTech is so durable that it can scratch glass! Incidentally, this is why sand can scratch your sunglasses; sand is made up of fine quartz crystals which has the same Mohs rating as FriTech.

Unless you’re running a diamond point over your FriTech countertops, you’ll never need to worry about scratching.

Myth: FriTech shatters easily?

Not true! FriTech is extremely durable and can withstand the force of daily kitchen use (and occasional kitchen slip-ups). Sure, you probably shouldn’t take a sledgehammer to your FriTech countertop, but it is far more shatterproof than glass, ceramic, or soft stone such as soapstone.

Myth: FriTech stains?

Wrong again! FriTech countertops do not need to be sealed (or resealed like marble). If you spill something like wine on your FriTech countertop, you can easily wipe it up without the risk of the liquid setting in.

Natural stones like marble are highly porous. This means that there are small gaps in the crystal structure of the stone that allows liquid to seep in. FriTech, on the other hand, is non-porous, meaning that the liquid will simply sit on the surface.

Wipe off that wine, and you’ll have a good-as-new countertop!

The truth: FriTech is a durable choice for home surfaces?

Engineered stone such as FriTech provides a strong and damage-resistant surface that will last for decades. Lucciare is proud to present luxurious engineered surfaces that represent the intersection of elegance and durability.

Eco-friendly, stain resistant, artistic, and built to last a lifetime, Lucciare’s brilliant surfaces instantly elevate any residence.

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