Can I use FriTech™ for my backsplash?

It happens when you hit your mid-to-late twenties: Everyone you know is talking about kitchens and home renovations.

And you suddenly hear the word “backsplash” over and over again.

The backsplash complements the hardwood.

You’d be forgiven for asking, “what is a backsplash?” “Do I need a backsplash?” “Can FriTech be used for a backsplash?”

Not to worry. We’re here to walk you through how the backsplash is used, why FriTech is a great backsplash choice, and some design pointers to keep in mind.

Backsplash: What is it? Why do I need it?

The backsplash is the material that covers the distance from your surfaces to your counters. It is the “back wall” of your kitchen or bathroom.

Why do you need it? Well, without it, your cabinet would extend straight down to your countertops. In addition, chances are that without a forgiving backsplash, your kitchen wall would get… well, backsplashed!. It’s not a design choice; it’s a design necessity.

Backsplash can be simple – it can be made of a material that matches the walls of your house.

Or, backsplash can be creative; you can choose to add paint, tile, or another material to add a splash of design to the back of the wall.

It’s a backsplash. Get it?

Can I use FriTech as a backsplash?

Without a doubt, yes! FriTech is an excellent material that makes for an eye-catching backsplash.

FriTech is durable – it can resist scratching, scuffing, breaking, and shattering. It is stainproof and does not require sealing, which means that you don’t need to worry about knocked over wine glasses ruining the dramatic veining on your FriTech surface.

Lucciare’s proprietary engineered stones provide eco-friendly surfaces in a tremendous array of patterns and colors. Choose our new Black Swan for a dramatic contrast, or go with our popular Sapphire Bazille for a relaxing, peaceful composition.

H2: What other materials can I use for a backsplash?

While we’re obviously big fans of FriTech thanks to their limitless design and durability, there are a few more materials you can use for your backsplash that are worth considering.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a very popular backsplash choice. The design composition of multiple tiles contrasts nicely with the uniform appearance of kitchen surfaces. Ceramic is also heat-resistant, making it a nice choice around stoves and ovens.

However, ceramic is easy to crack, and the grout will need continuous cleaning. You’ll need to be very vigilant with your ceramic backsplash.


Mosaic refers to very fine pieces of tile that form unique designs.

From a design perspective, mosaic can be stunning.

From a maintenance perspective, mosaic poses some problems.

With so many small pieces of tile, you run the risk of many different pieces chipping or falling out of the grout.

This is why we are advocates for single surfaces with dramatic designs – like FriTech!

Glass Tile

Glass comes in a number of unique colors and hues and can provide a light-filled alternative to backsplash.

However, since glass is translucent, it can show any shoddy workmanship, especially when it comes to grouting. Make sure that you hire a trusted professional for any glass tile backsplash project.

The bottom line: FriTech is the durable design choice

FriTech has many benefits over ceramic, mosaic, and glass. It’s a single surface, so you do not need to worry about grout or pieces falling. It’s scratch resistant (unlike glass), and shatter-resistant (unlike ceramic).

Lucciare has hundreds of unique designs and patterns. Browse our collections today to become inspired for your backsplash renovation!

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