Choosing marble is bad for the environment

We certainly understand the aesthetic appeal of marble. Dramatic veining on beautiful backgrounds makes marble a gorgeous addition to every home.

But marble is actually quite fragile, and easily cracked if hit with a hard surface. Moreover, we are hesitant to recommend choosing marble for your home surfaces. While marble is a natural material, the quarrying and mining necessary to extract marble is quite damaging to our planet, and unsustainable. Marble requires invasive quarrying procedures that scar the landscape and pollute the environment.

Quarrying isn’t clean

Marble, granite, and other natural stones must be quarried. Quarrying is the process of extracting materials from the ground. Up until recently, marble was extracted through exploding dynamite, producing a waste-to-marble ratio of 3-1. In other words, for every 25 tons of marble quarried, 75 tons of material were created as waste.

Nowadays, marble is extracted with a more efficient, yet still wasteful method using diamond wire to cut the marble from the land, producing a series of surreal steps that rise up to the height of each mountain where marble is quarried. This still produces a significant amount of waste, and dramatically changes the look of the environment.

Every stone, be it granite or marble, scars the land when it is quarried.

Quartz and Fritech are cleaner

In contrast to quarried slabs, engineered stones, such as Quartz or Lucciare’s FriTech™ are much more environmentally friendly. Traditional Quartz surfaces use Quartz extracted from sands to create sturdy and beautiful surfaces. Lucciare’s FriTech improve upon this process by using recycled materials in place of extracting Quartz from sand, eliminating invasive quarrying procedures.

The result is a durable, eco-friendly surface that instantly elevates any residence.

Marble isn’t clean. Lucciare® is.

Choosing the environmentally-conscious option is more important than ever. Lucciare proves our dedication to protecting the environment by providing eco-friendly Fritech™ surfaces.

We only have one Earth. We do not need to scar our home to create beautiful surfaces. We’ve innovated. We’ve created Fritech™.

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