Choosing the perfect kitchen layout for your kitchen remodel !

Finally, after two years of hunkering down indoors, it’s time to host some parties again!

Everyone is excited to come over to chat, share a bottle of wine, and reconnect.

There’s just one question.

Is your kitchen ready for guests? Or is it time to remodel that kitchen?

At Lucciare, we put together a guide of the five best layouts for your kitchen remodel, so you can determine which layout will meet your needs for functionality and entertainment.

Here are our favorite kitchen layouts.

One wall

The one wall kitchen is a classic. As the name suggests, the kitchen is all on one wall. This wall holds all of your cabinets, appliances, and surfaces. The design is neatly streamlined, naturally drawing the eye toward its stately appearance.

This is an excellent kitchen for those who prize efficiency, though it does make it hard for the cook to interact with guests, as their back is often to everyone else.


The disadvantage of the one wall kitchen can be overcome by the island layout. An island layout builds upon the one wall kitchen by adding a kitchen island in the middle of the room, typically opposite the main kitchen space.

This modular element can host counter space, sinks, and appliances. This gives you more room to prepare, as well as the ability to cook while facing the opposite direction – increasing the ways you can connect with your guests.

The L Kitchen

Just like an L couch, an L kitchen has two components that intersect at a 90-degree angle. You typically have a larger, main kitchen surface that intersects a sizeable, but somewhat smaller kitchen surface.

The L layout increases kitchen space while still providing an open and welcoming feeling.

The U Kitchen

The U builds upon the L by adding a third surface – making the kitchen look like a U or a horseshoe. This further expands the amount of kitchen space that you have to work with, though it does serve to close the kitchen off from the remainder of the space. For some people, having a semi-private kitchen is desirable. For others, this may prove isolating.

The Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen is a narrow, yet highly functional kitchen layout. Two surfaces, of equal length, run parallel to each other, providing a large amount of counter and storage space in a relatively small area.

The galley kitchen is often closed off from other rooms in the house, which can make the galley kitchen feel rather isolated. During kitchen renovations, many folks may choose to remove the wall on one side of the galley, transforming the kitchen into an open-aired space with dual surfaces.

This effectively gives you the working space of the galley kitchen with the open floor plan of the one wall kitchen.

Choosing Lucciare for your kitchen renovation

No good kitchen renovation is complete without pristine new surfaces. Lucciare’s five unique proprietary surface collections provide you with elegant, artistically designed countertops whose beauty is only matched by their durability and versatility.

Our super durable, eco-friendly, artisanal surfaces can provide the foundation for your kitchen renovation. No matter if you choose one wall, L kitchen, or U kitchen, you can be assured that Lucciare’s FriTech™ surfaces will elevate your home for decades to come.

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