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T5342 Soapstone Supreme

Soapstone Supreme

Radiating a profound bluish hue that exudes unwavering personality and formidable character, harmoniously blending their renowned shades with intricate veins. Note: The pattern and color of the actual slab may vary…

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T5330 Beaumaniere


Beaumaniere showcases a serene taupe foundation, elegantly graced by wandering darker tones that traverse the surface. Accented by intricate gray veining, it entices a closer inspection to reveal its captivating…

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T5317 Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey's dark and dramatic charcoal gray surface is adorned with meandering veins of gray and white, while beneath the surface, faint black currents ripple, adding a captivating depth to…

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Sere’ Pylos

Modern concrete—redefined. This natural-looking surface with faint imperfections will effortlessly enhance any interior and exterior. Note: The pattern and color of the actual slab may vary with each batch.

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