From Home Kitchens to Hotel Lobbies and Beyond


Quartz Surfaces Are Making Moves in Commercial Design and Applications


Savvy designers and contractors have been extolling the virtues of engineered stone surfaces for residential applications for nearly two decades. The trend only continues to grow as today’s consumer recognizes the inherent value of a product whose durability surpasses that of natural stone and whose aesthetics are at least equal to if not more pristine than natural stone due to revolutionary technical innovations over the last few years.  


Engineered surfaces like quartz, being virtually maintenance free, are the ideal surface choice for high-use, high traffic environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Lucciare surfaces have all these performance benefits PLUS! are environmentally friendly; composed of 90% or more of recycled materials. In addition, quartz surfaces are far superior to natural stone from a sanitary perspective as they are highly scratch-resistant and non-porous which means microbes and bacteria have fewer places to hide and multiply. 


All of these attributes make engineered surfacing the perfect material choice for commercial applications. From hotel lobbies to restaurant bars and beyond, engineered surfaces are the new “go-to” choice for commercial spaces.  Architects and designers can safely specify and design Lucciare Surfaces into many applications in so many different industries:  Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Food Service, Marine, Public Spaces and more.  The strength, non-porous, aesthetically gorgeous, durable nature of Lucciare Surfaces render the use of natural marble and granite as an inferior choice in many of these commercial spaces due to their sanitary-risk.  Now classified as a “solid surface” and held to the highest level of standards by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), Lucciare Surfaces are an Architect and Designer’s dream come true:  Finally high-end exotic looks of marble can be used safely in public spaces and applications where natural materials have never been wise options in the past.


Besides the superior performance properties of Lucciare, giving the architect, designer, and property owner the peace of mind in their commercial spaces, the warm, cozy, personal, exotic looks of Lucciare allow a far greater degree of personalization and warmth than ever before. Since revolutionizing the market nearly a decade ago with the introduction of their groundbreaking Statuario and Calacatta designs, Lucciare has continued to push the aesthetic boundaries of engineered surfaces through their proprietary VisuArt™ process, creating aesthetics so natural looking that even a geologist would do a double take. It is precisely due to these aesthetic innovations that architects and designers are increasingly utilizing engineered products in their commercial design work:  they no longer have to compromise aesthetics for practicality.


 White and gray surfaces are still the dominant aesthetic in commercial design, just look at most corporate office building lobbies, boardrooms and bathrooms to see the proof. However darker stone surfaces and concrete are becoming increasingly more popular.  The makers of Lucciare Surfaces responded to changing design preferences by recently introducing their Concrete Collection, which is sure to revolutionize the engineered surfaces market. 


This range of three breathtaking aesthetics, Maison’, Sere’ Pylos and Beaumaniere offer rich shades of grays with varying degrees of veining.  Whether in a honed or highly polished finish, the Concrete Collection aesthetic pairs beautifully with either dark or light wood tones for a decidedly organic modern design approach that feels very, “of the moment”.   


Easy to maintain, durable, safe, sustainable and gorgeous – what more could one want from a modern, commercial interior design product? Whether opting for a more classic stone look or pushing the design aesthetic in a more modern direction, Lucciare has the perfect engineered surfaces for almost all interior design projects.  

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