Hidden Treasures

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How to Turn Remnants of  Your Engineered Stone Slab into Gorgeous Home Accessories


So you’ve made the decision to undertake that long-overdue kitchen remodel. The gleaming white beauty of your current carrara marble countertops are a distant memory, replaced by the reality of water rings and wine stains.You’ve met with your kitchen designer and contractor,  you’ve selected all of your materials and you’ve wisely opted for an engineered stone surface for your kitchen countertops. Because you’ve done the research and discussed at length with your renovation team the obvious benefits of engineered stone surfaces: more durable, more stain-resistant, more sanitary, and overall, much easier to maintain than natural stone.


With any large home project, there’s always the possibility of extra materials going to waste. And of course you want to keep your remodel as environmentally-friendly as possible. Unfortunately, even the most efficient and well-measured design will result in some engineered stone materials left unused. Engineered stone comes in standardized slab sizes that, for efficiency reasons, are uncustomizable. Each Lucciare Surfaces slab measures 63 inches by 126 inches, or approximately 55 square feet. Once all of the necessary cuts are made to the surface, to accommodate for your counters and a sink or two, there will inevitably be surface material remaining. But one remodel’s rubbish can definitely be another’s hidden treasure.There are many possibilities to repurpose these beautiful surface remnants.


We want to  share a few of our favorite design ideas with leftover engineered stone. One direction to take is to create some beautiful kitchen accessories that will coordinate perfectly with your countertop surfaces, since it’s made of the same material!


Who doesn’t love a matching stone cheeseboard loaded up with your favorite cheeses cured meats, and other antipasti? This piece can be used in the kitchen or taken into the living room for a special cocktail hour.


Another great way to repurpose those engineered surface remnants is to create a pastry slab, perfect for rolling out dough for family baking projects. Maybe you could also use it for displaying your delicious results, like in this picture here.


Let’s say you have a large kitchen with a significant amount of countertop surface area.  You’ll probably have enough stone remnants to recreate this gorgeous design trend in your home kitchen: open shelving. The quartz stone remnants can be used  to create elegant, practical storage  for you to display your favorite cookbooks, dinnerware, or treasured kitchen objets collected during your travels. This idea is a perfect example of  designing with intention .


If you’ve decided to further coordinate the design aesthetic between your kitchen and other adjoining rooms, why not add   a chic cocktail or game table made of the same stone as your counters? This piece could work in a breakfast nook, a great room, or even just as an accent table nearby. It’s an easy,functional solution to repurposing your engineered stone remnants,  for a practical yet beautiful decor element.  Plus, we bet your coordinating cheese board will look amazing on this table!


However you choose to repurpose your engineered stone remnants, whether for a  cheese tray or a cocktail table, you’re sure to enjoy years with our lovely (and sturdy) material.  Best of all, you’ll feel great about contributing in a small way to reducing waste in the world, while beautifying your home at the same time.

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