How long will my Quartz countertop really last?

Installing new countertops is a major investment. You are purchasing a material that you will admire, cook on, serve on, and live with for years, if not decades. It’s only right that you should wonder, “how long will my countertop really last?”

When it comes to engineered surfaces, such as Quartz or Lucciare’s Fritech™, the answer is simple: with proper care, these surfaces should last a lifetime.

Proper care

Engineered surfaces are durable by design. Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and shatter-resistant; surfaces such as Quartz and Fritech™ can handle years of kitchen cooking, scooting, and scraping.

However, they aren’t invincible. Direct and strong impacts, abrasive chemicals, sharp temperature changes, and excessive heat can irreparably damage a Quartz countertop. Fortunately, as long as you aren’t pouring corrosive substances directly onto your surface, or dropping a bowling ball onto the top of your counter, then you likely will never run into any trouble.

You can take simple steps to extend the life of your Quartz countertops.

• Set a hot plate or trivet under hot objects
• Always use a cutting board when preparing food
• Clean your surfaces with a non-corrosive cleaner such as dish soap. Avoid Windex and vinegar.

Lucciare’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase an engineered surface by Lucciare®, in addition to a beautiful element of your kitchen, you also purchase a limited lifetime warranty that protects against any structural damage due to manufacturing error. This warranty will last as long as you own your home – meaning you will always be covered if your engineered surfaces fail.

How long do engineered surfaces last? A lifetime!

Engineered surfaces, when properly cared for, will last a lifetime. Improper and aggressive use from scraping, corrosive cleaners, and hot surfaces may significantly damage your countertops, but as long as you take some common-sense precautions – like using a cutting board or cleaning with non-corrosive cleaners – then your countertops will last for decades.

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