“I wish I never installed Marble.” Why Lucciare FriTech is a wiser choice than Calacatta Marble for home surfaces

“Please keep a towel down under your dish!”

“We have to wipe the water off the sink constantly!”

“Ah, we don’t use that kitchen countertop for cooking. It’s too fragile.”

Can you believe that? A kitchen countertop – too fragile for cooking! It sounds absurd!

But these are real – honestly real – phrases that owners of Calacatta Marble have told me.

Calacatta Marble: luxury comes at a cost

A friend of mine who was in the process of completing a strip-to-the-studs renovation spent countless hours finding the perfect material for her countertops. She ended up going with the natural Calacatta marble – famed for its gold veins and stark white composition. And to her credit, the house looks immaculate. It’s wonderful.

But it’s so delicate. Calacatta marble, while more durable than soapstone, still risks staining and can scratch with improper use. Even standing water poses a threat to the integrity of Calacatta marble.

It’s beautiful…like an antique painting. You can look, but you can’t touch.

Lucciare Calacatta

My friend told me, “If I knew how difficult this marble would be, I’d have gone with something else.”

I wish I had been able to recommend her some of Lucciare’s luxury surfaces like Calacatta Gold or Calacatta Antique.

Lucciare produces durable, eco-friendly engineered stone. These stones are inspired by the designs of extracted stones like marble, but they are significantly more resistant to chips, stains, and scuffs. Tougher than both marble and granite, Lucciare surfaces are functional works of art.

With Lucciare, you can get that museum-quality beauty without sacrificing integrity. You won’t wind up with a “kitchen countertop that’s too fragile for cooking.” Instead, you’ll end up with a durable surface that will last for decades.

Lucciare: timeless elegance.

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