Installing New Countertops Before You Sell Your House: What You Need To Know

You’re selling your house! Congrats! You’ve built out your huge checklist of fixes and upgrades. New appliances? Check! New coat of paint? Check!

New Countertops? Uhhh…

Uh-oh. In the frenzy to get the house up to snuff, you forgot to tackle the countertops. “Do I need new countertops?” “How long does it take to install new countertops?”

“Is it worth it to install new countertops before I sell my house?”

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our handy guide on installing new countertops before you sell your house. Here’s what you need to know.


Do I need to install new countertops?

First off, if your kitchen has an oven that smokes every time you turn it on and cabinet doors that are one slam away from falling off their hinges, you’ve got bigger problems to worry about. But, if the rest of your kitchen is upgraded and in working order, then it’s time to look at those countertops.

“But what am I looking for?” “What are some signs I need to replace those countertops?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

Your countertops are damaged

Damage is the number one reason it’s time to replace a countertop. Cracks, scratches, stains, chips, scorch marks. After many years of use, countertops (no matter the material) will get damaged. Damage can make it difficult to use a countertop safely and effectively, and it is unsightly – meaning it will diminish the value of your house. If you have extensive damage, it’s time to replace those counters!

Your countertops are dated

Stone countertops are in high demand. They are far more durable and attractive than tile, plastic, or wood offerings. Buyers value the striking look and low maintenance of stone surfaces. If you’ve got a dated countertop material, it’s time to upgrade.

You want to get ahead of the competition

Take a moment and pull up a real estate site like Zillow. Now, see what houses in your neighborhood are selling for. Take a look at their kitchens and bathrooms. What do their countertops look like? If all you see is granite or quartz, then you know that you’ll need to upgrade your countertops to keep up with the competition (or be prepared to accept a lower offer on your house). If, on the other hand, all the other listings have dated surfaces, then you could use this as an opportunity to really put yourself ahead of the competition!

New countertops for selling your house: what we recommend

Stone surfaces are in high demand, and can seriously boost the value of your listed home.

For stone countertops, there are several different options that you could go with, but we recommend FriTech™ by Lucciare® surfaces.

FriTech, an eco-friendly stone surface made out of 90% post-industrial recycled materials, is more durable than granite, and comes in a variety of patterns and veins that surpass the natural beauty of marble.

The other traditional options are marble, granite, and quartz – which each have a significant drawback.

Marble, while beautiful, is much less durable than any other natural stone. It is easily damaged, meaning it needs replacing more frequently.

Granite is strong and durable, but it is porous – meaning that it needs to be sealed to prevent stains and bacteria. Plus, granite needs to be quarried, which carries environmental risks.

Quartz, a manufactured stone, is even stronger than granite. Nonporous, it requires even less upkeep! But, it too requires quarrying that can be profoundly damaging to the environment.

This is why we recommend FriTech by Lucciare. It carries all the benefits of granite and quartz without any negative environmental consequences. Beautiful, durable, eco-friendly. It’s an upgrade that’ll send your listing skyrocketing!

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