Kitchens and Baths Sell Houses

Kitchens and Baths Sell Houses

Choose Materials Wisely When Considering Resale Values

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.  Property listings always tout amenities such as chef’s kitchen, marble countertops, and spa bath to name a few. The list of high-end finishes is endless. If you are considering tackling a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you should carefully consider the choice of materials, not only for their aesthetics but also for their durability and the impact they may have on the future resale value of your home.


Carrara marble is undeniably beautiful: Historically, it has been the gold standard countertop surface for luxury kitchens and bathrooms around the world. Interestingly, however, as demand and appreciation for exotic white marble has skyrocketed in the last decade, quarries yielding the most precious and rare marble, began “doubling down” on their mining and exports. The two types of marble that have seen overwhelming demand come from the Carrara mountains of Italy; Calacatta and Statuario marble. Far more rare and generally much whiter and crisper looking than Carrara, Calacatta and even the most pristine, Statuario marble, represent the pinnacle of high-end kitchen and bath design today; however, there is no such thing as a free lunch and these come at a high cost and very high risk.


Open any interior design magazine, and the pages are filled with gigantic kitchens with double islands and acres of gorgeous, gleaming white marble countertops. What you don’t see in these stunning images is the nearly constant vigilance required to protect and maintain this picture-perfect look. From the moment they are installed, these beautiful marble surfaces will demand to be treated with kid gloves. The list of don’ts is exceedingly long. Don’t place a glass on them lest a water ring could appear. Forget about spilling red wine or balsamic vinegar. If the surface isn’t cleaned immediately, you’re likely to have a permanent reminder of last night’s dinner party (not in a good way!).  And because of the large calcium (carbonate) content in marble, citric acids are very harmful to marble; for example, real lemon, tomato and pineapple juice will eat away (chemically react) at the calcium and etch the finish, making very visible damage that cannot be repaired.


Additionally, natural stone like marble requires the application of a protective sealant at least twice a year to even attempt to maintain their original luster and beauty. This is in addition to the security sweep required after each meal preparation to ensure no wet dishes or liquids remain on the marble surface. Beautiful, yes. But also very high maintenance and one little slip can permanently ruin the look of your exotic marble.  Does it sound like it’s worth it to choose marble when there are natural, engineered surfaces that are every bit as aesthetically gorgeous and virtually indistinguishable from the exotic marbles, but require almost zero maintenance?


For resale values, these sorts of considerations are extremely important. An educated potential buyer who has done their homework will know the pros and cons of many materials used throughout the home, especially in high ticket rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms. If given the choice between two equally beautiful kitchens in comparable homes, the question of material choices and their long term durability and maintenance is likely going to be a big part of the buyer’s consideration set. Who wouldn’t opt for the lower maintenance and more practical option? By choosing beautiful engineered surfaces like Lucciare for your kitchen and bath remodels, you are almost certainly going to increase the value of your home. Plus, you get the enormous added benefit of enjoying the beauty and durability of your smart choice in kitchen and bathroom surfaces. If you decide to sell your home, your decision to utilize Lucciare engineered surfaces becomes an even smarter choice…You now have some very compelling selling points. Your potential buyer will appreciate that they are getting a beautiful kitchen with highly durable and low maintenance surfaces. They are also going to REALLY appreciate the fact that your Lucciare surfaces are backed by a lifetime guarantee. No natural stone comes with that guarantee.

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