Let’s add some color! – Lucciare’s colorful kitchen surface patterns bring vibrancy to your home

Color is fun!

Certainly, everyone loves a pristine white countertop, but it’s exciting to mix it up with a dramatic and bold surface.

To liven your household up, we’ve curated a selection of exciting, yet elegant surfaces with a flair for color.

Sapphire Bazille

Our Sapphire Bazille surface contains two striking veins of color across a cool white surface.

The primary vein is a serene, mystical blue that fans across the surface like a river breaking into a delta. Intersecting these blue veins are fine dashes of warm, sand-colored veins.

The harmonious interplay of the two veins across the calm white surface creates a calming and balanced effect – ideal for any room that welcomes friends and family.

Black Swan

Black Swan is not for the faint of heart.

With thick, jet-black ribbons, peppered by cream veins, Black Swan instantly becomes the focal point of any room.

It’s a surface that makes a bold statement. It asserts its presence and commands attention.

An excellent choice for the daring entertainer.

Negin Brown

Inverting the classic, elegant white surface, Negin Brown presents an equally elegant, equally calm charcoal surface with restrained gold veining.

The brown-black background is rich and inviting, almost reminiscent of wood such as oak or teak. The subtle veins of gold add to its rich design, producing a feeling of generosity and luxury.

Lucciare: Every design is an elegant addition to your home

From the dramatic Black Swan to the rich and handsome Negin Brown, all of Lucciare’s collections arise from countless hours of meticulous design inspired by Mother Nature herself.

Lucciare’s FriTech™ surfaces are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, and stain-resistant; our surfaces are functional works of art that instantly elevate any residence.

Be inspired by Lucciare’s brilliant patterns that range from the pristine white to the dramatically colorful.

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