Let’s Go Vertical

Let’s Go Vertical

Engineered Surfaces Are Climbing the Walls

Engineered surfaces have appeared in luxury kitchen and bathroom countertops for years and for good reason: their beauty and durability are unmatched by any other natural stone surfaces. Designers are increasingly turning to engineered surfaces as the industry evolves and technological advances result in ever more unique and beautiful natural aesthetics once thought impossible to recreate. The artisans at Lucciare are leading the charge with their proprietary VisuArt™ process that creates unique and authentic aesthetics never before seen in the marketplace. And designers are taking notice. Many are asking: Why limit the use of engineered surfaces to horizontal applications like countertops when the aesthetic impact of vertical applications is even more dramatic?!

A growing trend in interior design in 2020 is the use of exotic engineered stone aesthetics in vertical applications like kitchen backsplashes and shower walls in bathrooms. Dramatic veining and visual movement in engineered surfaces that continue from the horizontal countertop to a vertical wall create a truly jaw dropping focal point. To add even more visual drama, many designers are choosing to book-match slabs behind stove tops and sinks. Bookmatching is the practice of matching two stone surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book. The visual impact is undeniable and the pinnacle of luxurious.

Adding to this absolutely stunning visual trend are some very real and practical benefits to using engineered surfaces for backsplashes – they are stain resistant and easy to maintain! And with fewer seams than traditional tile backsplashes, there are fewer spots for germs and microbes to hide and grout to painstakingly clean. Form meets function!

Lucciare engineered surfaces are the perfect countertop solution for most ANY space as they combine the best of the best features: authentic and unique aesthetics manufactured with unequaled strength and durability. What sets engineered surfaces apart from all others is they also are the best choice for high traffic and high moisture environments like kitchens, bathrooms and the many commercial applications that require rugged endurance.

Finally, engineered surfaces are also the perfect aesthetic and functional choice for vertical wall covering; wainscoting backsplashes and bathroom walls, specifically for the shower. Homeowners today are demanding much more refined, safer and aesthetically dramatic materials in their kitchens and bathrooms. Ask any real estate agent, and they will say that it’s always kitchens and bathrooms that sell houses.

Tile has been the preferred bathroom wall surface choice for centuries since it’s relatively easy to install and to replace if it’s damaged. Tile comes in an almost endless variety of shapes, colors, patterns, sizes, etc. There’s no denying their versatility, but you also get what you pay for. What is also undeniable is that tile bathroom surfaces are a breeding ground for mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria and microorganisms. One must be hyper vigilant cleaning the grout between the tiles requiring rather harsh chemicals to properly clean these areas. It also needs to be replaced when it becomes discolored.

A much safer and certainly more aesthetically pleasing solution is applying engineered stone as a wall covering and certainly in your bathroom, especially in the shower. As the modern bathroom has grown in size and evolved into a much more spa-like environment, the focus has certainly turned toward luxuriously large showers with multiple shower heads and built in benches. Another evolution in bathroom design is the use of full slabs of stone surfaces for shower walls. Engineered products like Lucciare San Vicente are an ideal choice. Virtually maintenance free, clean look, free of the grid-like grout lines, stunningly beautiful and much more sanitary than tile due the fact there are few if any seams for bacteria and microorganisms to grow. Beautiful and safe. A winning combination.

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