Little Known Facts About Quartz

Quartz tends to be the unsung hero of kitchen countertops. People are more familiar with granite and marble, which can make it difficult to know what questions to ask as you explore different countertop material options. Use this fact sheet to get to know quartz and make a more informed decision.

1, Quartz is Completely Sealed

Quartz is a carefully engineered product that is manufactured using pressure and heat, which work to create a non-porous surface that never needs to be sealed. Granite, on the other hand, will need to be re-sealed on a yearly basis in order to prevent stains.

2, Quartz and Quartzite are Two Different Products

You may hear these two terms used interchangeably, but that is completely incorrect. Quartzite is actually a natural stone that is mined much like granite and marble. While it is also used in countertop applications, it is a porous material that requires regular maintenance and sealing.

3, Quartz is Not a Bargain Basement Option

Some people start exploring quartz as an option because they assume that it will provide a much cheaper alternative to natural stone products. The truth is that the price per square foot is comparable to granite, marble, and quartzite.

4, Quartz is Eco-Friendly

Mining natural stone and cutting it into slabs is a labor intensive process that can create waste. Quartz uses this waste along with natural resins to create a durable product, making it a more eco-friendly option.

5, Quartz is the Bestselling Countertop Material

Granite seems to get all the glory, but quartz has actually been the bestselling kitchen countertop material for some years. It provides a high-end look with consistent coloring and no need for regular maintenance.

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