Lucciare: Every surface is a work of art

Lucciare is proud to produce engineered stone. Stone as durable as anything extracted from the Earth that doesn’t harm the environment during production.

When you engineer a stone as opposed to extracting it from the Earth, you are granted a beautiful range of freedom in design. Certainly, Lucciare takes inspiration from beautiful marble quarries around the world from Italy to China. But Lucciare isn’t bound by what has already been discovered. Instead, Lucciare sees each surface as a canvas, upon which functional, luxury art can be created.

Lucciare: The VisuArt Process

VisuArt is Lucciare’s proprietary process that develops each unique engineered surface. This process is comprised of three pillars: mindset, design, and applied science.

Design teams scour the world from the Val d’Aran to the Carrara quarries to locate uniquely beautiful veins of stone. These stones are analyzed down to the molecular level, creating multi-dimensional models that capture the depth and complexity of the naturally occurring stone.

Then, the human artists come into the process.

Rather than simply copying nature’s designs, Lucciare’s design team creates new designs that are inspired by nature, but optimized for your residence. Vein pigmentation and complexity are amplified, and patterns are augmented so that they play harmoniously throughout your home.

This is the beauty of Lucciare. Each pattern is hand-designed, with residence placement as our guiding light. Your surface evokes the grandeur and majesty of the Earth herself, while also adding the complexity of artistic ingenuity.

Lucciare: your surface is art

If each surface is a canvas when it begins, it is a fully-formed masterpiece when it is installed in your home. Each Lucciare surface is the result of countless hours of on-site research in the faraway mountains of Italy, hours of detailed analysis, hours of artisanal design, and hours of preeminent manufacturing expertise.

It’s a masterpiece. Your masterpiece.

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