Lucciare Sky Falls & Black Swan: Bold and Dynamic Contrasts

Lucciare is excited to present two new patterns of our super-durable Fritech™ manufactured stone, Lucciare Sky Falls and Lucciare Black Swan, which distill the contrast of fabled Panda White Marble into dauntless and heroic surfaces fit for the confident designer.

Our inspiration: Panda White Marble

Panda White Marble hails from the quarries of Sichuan, China. This beautiful marble varies from nearly all white with striking black veins to nearly all black with impressive whites. No matter the composition, the result is an eye-catching surface that is guaranteed to elevate any room. It is famed for its rich contrast between creamy whites and jet blacks in nearly equal composition,

This rich, luscious contrast has made Panda White Marble a bold and dramatic choice for designers, signifying a daring and unbridled confidence.

Lucciare Sky Falls and Lucciare Black Swan

Taking inspiration from Panda White Marble, Lucciare’s team of artisans have created two patterns of Fritech™ stone, one dominated by white (Sky Falls) and one dominated by black (Black Swan). These patterns distill the strong contrasts of Panda White Marble into countertop stone that instantly creates a stunning interior.

Sky Falls presents a nearly arctic white that showcases rivers of black ice, snaking across the stone, arching and angling in sharp curves. Black Swan has sumptuous bands of fragmented blacks, broken up by undulating veins of clean whites. Each bold pattern vacillates between dramatic and serene, as the icy composition serves to harmonize the contrast between white and black.

Lucciare Fritech™: A Durable and Sustainable Choice

Lucciare’s FriTech countertops take design inspiration from nature to create a luxury surface that is sustainable and more durable than mined stone. Lucciare’s engineered stone is far harder and more durable than mined marble, with a Mohs rating of 7, the same as granite. Marble, with a Mohs rating of 3, is far less resistant to daily wear and tear.

Marble requires invasive quarrying processes that scar the land. Lucciare’s sustainable engineering process completely removes invasive strip-mining and quarrying from production and instead uses stone tailings post-industrial recycled materials to create eco-friendly surfaces that make an ethical and elegant addition to any interior.

Lucciare is proud to offer Sky Falls and Black Swan as two beautiful additions to our line of FriTech engineered stone countertops: two dramatic surfaces that create an unforgettable appearance.

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