Lucciare Statuario: Rare Elegance

Statuario Marble is one of the rarest and most desirable marbles in existence: hauntingly white with the thinnest and cleanest grey veins of any mined surface.

It’s this clean, achingly beautiful pattern that has made statuario one of the most desirable marbles for centuries. Antonio Canova carved his masterpiece “Amore e Psiche” from statuario, while Michaelangelo carved “Il Davide” from a single block of statuario marble.

That’s where statuario gets its name. It’s the marble fit for statues.

Taking inspiration from this pristine white stone that has graced museums and palaces around the world, Lucciare has created two statuario patterns: Statuario Dior and Statuario Vigaria. These engineered surfaces provide beautiful, clean, white, and sustainable countertops that surpass the durability of marble itself.

Lucciare Statuario

Lucciare is inspired by nature. Our design team treks to the premier quarries in search of the most unique, desirable mined stone patterns. Each engineered surface then has a hand-designed, intricate veining that travels the length and depth of the stone, providing layers of complexity to every engineered stone.

Lucciare Statuario is no different. Dior and Vigaria perfectly present multi-level grey veins that transform from sky grey to an elegant dark grey as the veins fracture and travel throughout the stone. These thin, mysterious veins complement the bone-white backdrop, providing a mysterious and elegant surface that is thoughtful but never understated.

Lucciare’s engineered stone is far harder and more durable than mined marble, with a Mohs rating of 7, the same as granite. Marble, with a Mohs rating of 3, is far less resistant to daily wear and tear.

Marble additionally requires invasive quarrying processes that scar the land. Lucciare’s sustainable engineering process completely removes invasive strip-mining and quarrying from production and instead uses post-industrial recycled materials to create eco-friendly surfaces that make an ethical and elegant addition to any home.

Lucciare is proud to offer our statuario-inspired Syntek surfaces. Eco-friendly, durable, and infused with timeless beauty; they bring ethical elegance to any home.

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