Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

Combining Light and Dark Surfaces In the Kitchen for the Perfect Contrast

Whether in the worlds of fashion and accessories or interior and home design, trends today move at the speed of light due to the immediacy of the internet and social media. Some trends transcend the moment becoming new classics while others fade as quickly as they appear. Being able to distinguish between the two, especially as it relates to home and interior design, is critical due to the often long lead times and the expense of materials. Choose wisely and you may see a meaningful appreciation in your home’s potential resale value.  Choose poorly and the results could have the opposite effect. One trend in modern, high-end kitchen design that shows no signs of fading anytime soon that is sure to help you maintain, if not increase, your home’s resale value is the application of contrasting lighter and darker colored surfaces for countertops and cabinetry.


What is it about the use of contrasting light and dark surfaces that is so appealing to designers and homeowners alike?   Science and nature might be able to provide some clues lest we not forget also, this design strategy dramatically increases the ability for self expression and personalization.  Complementary and contrasting colors seem to sooth and balance, since they simultaneously stimulate different parts of the eye. It’s a natural example of opposites attracting. The use of contrasting colors helps create visual interest and keeps the eye entertained and moving around the space.


Hereto, we can invoke some ancient Chinese philosophy as well; does Yin (black) and Yang (white) sound familiar? This philosophy describes how opposite forces may actually have a deeper connection – a sort of interconnectedness and complementarity.   The interdependent dualism of Yin and Yang is believed to work to make each other stronger, more prominent and create a synergy, if you will. There are so many different ways to express this trend and personalize it to your specific design taste and needs, from traditional French country to super sleek and modern. The common thread to a successful execution of this trend? Visual balance!


If you prefer dark wood or glossy laminate cabinetry, ring the perimeter of your kitchen in darker tones and top with a gorgeous Lucciare Olympia engineered stone surface defined by its intricate veining and glistening white finish for maximum contrast. To further enhance the effect, anchor your kitchen island with lighter colored cabinetry and top with moody and dramatic Lucciare Palazzo, a dark gray surface speckled with white that serves as the backdrop for a mix of black and faint gold veining that emulates a romantic night sky.


For a lighter overall look, take the opposite approach and adorn the walls of your kitchen with lightly-stained natural wood cabinetry and top with a darker engineered stone surface like Lucciare Castillo Gray, a stunning new surface in a gray-brown finish with lightning-like streaks of white veining throughout that add unique character and texture. To create the perfect contrast, make the kitchen island a dramatic, luminous focal point with Lucciare Sere’ Linea, a soft gray surface accented with intricate gray veining.


By incorporating these easy to achieve design tricks of contrasting surface colors into your new kitchen build or kitchen remodel, you can create a very personalized cohesive kitchen design concept, while also creating distinct aesthetic moments within the kitchen, each designed for specific practical tasks but with its own unique mood and design flair.  Opposites do indeed attract.

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