Perfect Pairings 2

Perfect Pairings 2

Kitchen Hardware Looks to the Runway (Virtually) for Inspiration in 2021

“Fashion” has always been a reflection of the times, at moments looking to the past with a nostalgic eye for gentler, kinder times or looking forward toward a more “modern” future. Sometimes fashion is simply a mirror of the moment: a real-time reflection of the zeitgeist. And fashion isn’t limited to what we put on our bodies; fashion transcends apparel and is expressed through jewelry and other accessories.


It may seem like a stretch, but there are inextricable links to fashion and accessories’ trends that appear on runways from New York to Paris and Milan that eventually sneak their way into your kitchen and bathrooms!  In today’s modern world where the lag time between a trend appearing on the runway and its making its way into your closet or kitchen is even more compressed due to social media and our 24/7, never disconnected lives.


Of the many ways fashion and trends appear, few take on such depth and breadth as seen in kitchens and bathrooms design and remodeling. If we look at the kitchen and compare cabinetry to shoes, countertops to clothing and hardware to jewelry, the trend forecast for kitchen hardware for 2021 is unmistakably bold and exciting. Why? Well, with most of us only being seen from the waist up for most of the day due to the fact we are working from home, there are only so many ways to express your personal sense of style. Jewelry is one way to express yourself and the trend for 2021 is big, oversized, bold and full of mixed metals designed for maximum visual impact when you are just another square on a computer screen during all day Zoom meetings.  Plus, jewelry is one of the easiest ways to dramatically and easily change your look. Kitchen hardware is no different if you really think about it. Not that you’re likely to change it out on a daily basis, but changing your kitchen hardware from time to time is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to update your kitchen to reflect design trends and create a more contemporary look.


Sometimes bigger is better! Oversized necklaces and earrings are a huge trend in fashion for 2021. The same oversized trend applies to kitchen hardware as well. Pulls that range from 6-21 inches long would fall into the oversized category. The longest pulls are often used on the vertical for tall cabinets and on the horizontal for large drawers. Classic brushed nickel and polished stainless steel that have reigned supreme in kitchen hardware for the last two decades are being replaced by vibrant Champagne gold tones, super polished brass and matte black finishes. Dramatically large pulls in bold finishes are the perfect accessory to stark white cabinetry and exotic aesthetic engineered stone surface countertops.


So you want a bit of drama in the kitchen but shiny metallics are not your thing?  Fortunately there are other trendy aesthetics that may be right for you. Oversized matte black finished hardware is another big trend in jewelry and kitchens for 2021. Paired with mid to dark tone wood cabinetry and concrete-look engineered stone surface aesthetics, the overall look of the kitchen is a bit more reserved but no less impactful.

If your taste leans toward a more traditional or rustic aesthetic, large pulls carved from solid wood in a scrolling, braided or “grape-bunch” look, stained to match or complement your flooring or cabinet fronts result in an extremely elegant yet cozy, “French Country” aesthetic that is always in style.


If you are yearning to spruce up your kitchen without going down the full kitchen remodel path, look no further than the runway or the pages of your favorite fashion magazine to find inspiration.  Sometimes changing your jewelry can change your entire look: your kitchen hardware is no different.

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