The Five Most Popular Quartz Surfaces on the Market in 2020

Calacatta Vagli

With More Choices Than Ever Before: There is Truly a Quartz Surface to Suit Every Taste



2020 has been a year unlike any other in recent memory. With much of the world spending most of their time at home, many have realized that now is the perfect time to tackle those kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that may have been on the back burner. Remodels can range from a complete overhaul of every element of the space (flooring, cabinetry, appliances and countertops) to a light refresh (painting cabinetry or installing new quartz countertops). Even small upgrades can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a space. Our physical environment has an undeniable impact on not only our physical well being but also our emotional well being. It is hard to overstate the comfort and sense of security that a beautiful room provides, especially one where friends and family gather to celebrate the special moments like birthdays and holidays. If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, here’s a rundown of the five most popular aesthetics on the market in 2020 that are sure to appeal to a wide range of design aesthetics from classic to cutting edge.


White marble and quartz surfaces have dominated high-end kitchen and bathroom design for years and it’s easy to understand why: because they are naturally beautiful and pair perfectly with almost all flooring, cabinetry and wall color choices. Calacatta Vagli from the Lucciare Classic collection (SKU: L5110A) is the quintessential surface of good taste in kitchen design around the world. Warm brown-grey veining adorns this lustrous white background. Subtle gold highlights add a glimmering finish. This gorgeous quartz surface is the perfect complement to dark or light cabinetry. Classic but never boring and always stunning in any application.


For those who love white kitchen countertop surfaces but perhaps are looking for an option with a bit more color and pattern variation, the brilliant artisans at Lucciare have created a truly unique quartz surface never seen before in the market: Sapphire Bazille SKU: L5700A. Dramatic waves of sapphire blue undulate through a mostly cool white surface. Subtle sand colored veining complements the blue creating a perfectly visually-balanced stone surface. This totally unique and stunningly gorgeous aesthetic will immediately transform the look of any kitchen or bathroom with its rare sapphire blue veining. The use of more vibrant colors is definitely a trend in kitchen design and Lucciare Sapphire Bazille is an incredible option for design-aficionados who want to incorporate color in a meaningful yet understated way.



If color is not your design preference but you are still yearning for some nature-inspired, graphic drama in your quartz surfaces, Mondria Kumair SKU: L5184A from the Lucciare Luxe collection is the solution for you. Sweeping, dramatic black veining adds an exquisite accent to this soft white surface. Mondria Kumair is pitch perfect and balances perfectly between the look of classic stone and edgy design. Its graphic contrast between white and black make it the ideal quartz surface for more streamlined, contemporary design kitchens.


Another important trend in kitchen and bath design for 2020 is the use of concrete and concrete-look surfaces. The natural textural and almost limitless color variations of concrete make it a new favorite among designers who are always looking for what’s next. Unlike natural concrete which is super porous (which means it easily traps germs and bacteria) and prone to chipping, concrete-look engineered surfaces are virtually maintenance free and easy to clean. With this in mind the creative geniuses at Lucciare have introduced the Concrete collection. Lucciare Maison’ SKU: LT5333A is a concrete-like surface with deep blue-gray veining that pairs with water-like accents resulting in a sleek gray surface sure to command attention in any space. Maison is a true showstopper and looks amazing in kitchens or bathrooms as countertop or wall surfaces. The possibilities are limited only by your design imagination.


Rounding out our list of the five best quartz aesthetics on the market in 2020 is Castillo Gray SKU: L5310A from the Lucciare Premium collection. This stunning new surface in a gray-brown finish features lightning-like streaks of white veining throughout which add unique character to any kitchen or bathroom application. Castillo Gray is a darkly dramatic option for those who want to make a definitive design statement. It pairs beautifully with mid to dark natural wood tones for an organically modern aesthetic.


Whatever your design preference, classic, modern or somewhere in between, Lucciare offers the most unique natural engineered surfaces on the market. The creators at Lucciare have assembled a cross-functional team with skill sets ranging from geology to engineering and from fine artistry to chromatics working in concert to create VisuArt™, a revolutionary, dynamic design process. The results of this proprietary process are spectacular and will continue to lead the market through technical and design innovation.

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