What is my engineered surface made out of? …and why is it eco-friendly?

When it comes to engineered surfaces, a lot of terms are tossed around: quartz, manufactured surface, engineered surface, FriTech…it can be pretty confusing.

It’s reasonable then to want to know: what is my surface made out of?


Mined surfaces: what is marble anyway?

Before we jump into engineered surfaces, let’s talk about extracted stones like marble and granite. If I asked you, “what is marble?”, would you be able to answer?

Marble? Isn’t marble just…marble?

Marble is made up of Calcite, also known as Calcium Carbonate. Marble forms when limestone turns to crystal when subjected to tremendous heat and pressure.

Granite is formed from cooled magma and is primarily composed of Silicon Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide.

Both granite and marble have a variety of other minerals and trace elements that change their color, veining, and strength. It’s this unique combination of minerals and elements that gives a stone its character.

Engineered surfaces

Engineered surfaces are made of a unique blend of minerals and elements – just like mined and extracted stones.

Quartz surfaces are comprised primarily of Silicon Dioxide – just like granite. These quartz crystals are bound using recycled polymers, producing a durable and attractive engineered surface.

FriTech, Lucciare’s engineered surface, takes this process a step further.

Traditional quartz surface manufacturing is more eco-friendly than traditional mining. However, quartz still needs to be extracted from the Earth, which produces waste. In addition, the silica dust present in manufacturing quartz countertops can be hazardous to workers’ health.

Lucciare wanted to improve upon this. Being better than mining wasn’t good enough. Lucciare aimed to create a sustainable, truly eco-friendly product.

FriTech is that surface. FriTech replaces the extracted quartz with post-industrial frits – discarded crystals of feldspar, granite, and glass. These frits are bound with polymers from recycled plastic bottles – creating a nearly 100% recycled engineered surface.

No mining, no quarrying, no scarring the landscape of our Earth. Instead, Lucciare cleans up and repurposes industrial waste, leaving the world a more beautiful place than when we started.

Beautiful and sustainable; an elegant solution for the environmentally-conscious designer.

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