When should you replace your countertops?

Countertops, particularly engineered stone countertops like Quartz or FriTech™, should last decades. They are durable, scratch-resistant, and difficult to chip. However, older countertops aren’t invincible. Accidents happen, and countertops get damaged. After years of little chips and scratches, those beautiful countertops can look pretty worn out.

Your countertops have deep fissures

Older countertops can get some cosmetic scarring over the years from appliances, unwieldy knives, and the wayward meat mallet. Most of these scratches should be surface-level and are easily buffed out with the right tools and cleaning products.

If your countertop has such deep scratches that your kitchen tools are getting caught in the grooves, then the damage is no longer cosmetic. These scratches are affecting the performance of your countertops – and could possibly be dangerous. Cracks could be widened by appliances continually getting stuck in the grooves, knives could be chipped, and you could end up being hurt by a stuck blade.

When the damage to the countertop is so deep that it is affecting your kitchen performance, it is definitely time to get those countertops replaced.

Your countertops are chipped

Maybe you accidentally dropped your kitchen mixer onto the corner of your countertop. Maybe you went after that chicken cutlet too aggressively with the meat mallet. Whatever the reason, you wound up with chips, broken countertop corners, and broken edges.

With a little ingenuity and the proper tools, small chips can be glued or repaired. But if it seems like your countertop has become more glue than stone, it’s time to purchase a new countertop.

Your countertop has scorch marks

Quartz and other engineered stone countertops (such as FriTech™) are extremely durable but, like natural stone such as marble, can still be damaged by extreme heat. When very hot objects are placed on the countertops, the resin inside the surface can burn, which reduces the integrity of the countertop and creates off-color scorch marks.

The best way to avoid such marks is to not place roasting hot objects directly on your countertop; use a trivet or even a tea towel in a pinch. But, if the damage has been done, there isn’t much you can do to buff out or otherwise repair the damage. Eventually, you will need to replace the countertops.

You don’t like the way your countertops look

Over time, everything begins to appear “worn-down.” After decades of continual use, even the most pristine countertop will begin to look tired. If you sigh every time you look at your kitchen countertop, thinking, “wow, my kitchen looks like the before photo of a home makeover,” then it’s probably time to splurge on that new countertop!

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