White vs. Smoky Gray Quartz Countertops

White Countertops Have Reigned Supreme in High-end Kitchens and Baths Around the Globe for Decades: Are They Ready to Relinquish the Crown?



Design and style trends come and go. The rare few are able to cement their place in the pantheon of iconic design. White marble and quartz surfaces have been designer go-tos for high-end residential and commercial applications for decades, and there is a good reason why: because they are naturally beautiful and pair perfectly with almost any flooring, cabinetry and wall color choices. Calacatta and Statuario creations by Lucciare will always be popular with homeowners and designers; however, new trends and innovation continue to push design forward. The use of smokier, moodier shades of gray is a strong new trend that is sure to become a future classic. Lucciare is leading this trend with their 2020-2021 aesthetic introductions.


So, white or gray? What’s the right answer? Well, there isn’t a right answer, because you can’t really go wrong either way. Like most decisions in life, it comes down to a question of preference. White and shades of white have certainly dominated the natural stone and quartz surface markets for many years. Their popularity is undeniable, and the variety of choices is almost limitless. Whether choosing nearly pure white quartz with minimal veining like Lucciare San Vicente SKU: L7182A or a bolder option like Lucciare Mondria Kumair SKU: L5184A, with its dominant, soft white ground and sweeping, dramatic black veining, there is a white quartz surface for nearly every application. Granted, the days of the all-white kitchen or bath may seem a distant design memory. Designers and clients today are opting for a more contemporary and contrasting aesthetic, one that juxtaposes darker or colored cabinetry with lighter white surfaces. Even classic looks can evolve over time.


Still not convinced about white quartz countertops? You love white countertops but want something a bit more unique? But not too dark or dramatic for your kitchen remodel? Concerned about the maintenance of white counters? With quartz surfaces, concern over maintenance and upkeep should not be a deciding factor against. Just the opposite, quartz surfaces are nearly stain-proof and virtually maintenance free. If none of these applies to your desire for a non-white quartz surface option, fortunately, because of major leaps forward in technical innovation, there are amazing new options available in shades of gray and a sfumato-like smoky white that delivers a little extra design zing while providing a neutral base that many clients prefer.


What’s driving this technical innovation? Unique to Lucciare, the VisuArt™ design process is the genius behind creating the most elegant looks in the most versatile and on-trend colors. VisuArt™ is a dynamic process the results of which can only be achieved by a well-trained, highly expert team with a cross-functional skill set, ranging from geology to engineering and from fine artistry to chromatics, working in concert to produce a true slab of art.


If you’ve decided that smoky gray is the kitchen surface color for you, Lucciare has a wide range of spectacularly beautiful options. Sere’ Linea SKU: L5930A, a soft gray surface accented with intricate gray veining, is the most visually subtle option appropriate for all design vocabularies, from the very classic to the ultra-modern. Sere’ Linea perfectly bridges the chromatic gap between white and gray.


For those who are a bit more daring and relish a more design-forward, decidedly modern surface option, Sere’ Pylos SKU: LT5300 from the Lucciare Concrete collection and the new VisuArt™ design process redefines the aesthetic of modern concrete with the durability of quartz. This natural-looking surface with faint imperfections will effortlessly enhance any interior. Sere’ Pylos gives the impression of floating over a gorgeously fractured polar ice cap. Pure natural beauty.


Also new from the Lucciare Concrete collection comes Maison’ SKU: LT5333A, a concrete-like surface with deep blue-gray veining that pairs with water-like accents, resulting in a sleek gray surface sure to command attention in any space. Maison’ goes beyond flat surface applications. This remarkable quartz product over-delivers on the wow factor when used on bathroom walls as well as kitchen countertops — a new classic in the making.


Whether choosing more traditional white quartz surfaces or newer, smoky gray tones, Lucciare surfaces are certain to enhance any environment where they are applied, providing years of unsurpassed durability and aesthetic delight.

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