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Discover our all-new Portfolio of exquisite decorative surfacing! European-inspired and sustainably made, Lucciare® captures nature’s brilliance on a canvas of stone.

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We waited a long time to do our Kitchen remodel and did a lot of research before making our final selections. Although some granites and many marbles were shown and advertised heavily, our contractor as well as some trusted friends told us about Lucciare Surfaces and how it was the best decision they ever made. Once we saw their selection of colors and understood why and how it would be so much more durable than natural stone, the choice was simple. As a result, we are incredibly happy with Lucciare Surfaces, it literally is the best of all worlds; the look and feel of the most elegant natural stone; Lifetime Warranty, incredibly durable and the BEST value for our investment. Thank you Lucciare! We are Thrilled!!!

Esther B. |

I have worked in kitchen and bath remodel for over 20 years and part of my job requires coaching my clients and providing the expertise to ensure they are making the best decisions for their construction, selection and finishing needs of the project. When it comes to surfacing, I have a clear favorite in Lucciare Surfaces for reasons they have dutifully earned. Where natural stone is porous, inconsistent, vulnerable, and can be very expensive when wanting something a little different, Lucciare Surfaces has proven to satisfy all of that, and more! Since Lucciare is sustainably made, it is incredibly durable and offers a Lifetime Warranty. If you have bookmatching and or an exclusive, exotic Italian Marble look, these are easily had using Lucciare Surfaces and far more affordably. It’s rather simple, a happy customer is my calling card and when I show them the best alternatives, like Lucciare Surfaces, they come back for more, share with their friends and most of all, I have provided them everything they hoped for and more. That is why I am in business and that is what I work for. Lucciare Surfaces is a game changer for kitchen and bath surfacing; there’s nothing else like it!

Xia Y. |

As a designer, aesthetic considerations often take priority over practical ones. Fortunately with Lucciare I don’t have to sacrifice either for my clients’ kitchen and bathroom projects. When I show them it’s possible to achieve the same look and feel of natural stone without the care and maintenance issues, they happily choose Lucciare. Plus, satisfied clients are good for future business!

Gabriele P. |

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Inspired by the highest quality natural stone from around the world, Lucciare® offers an extraordinary selection of environmentally-sensitive, incredibly resilient surfaces. As the preeminent artists from the Renaissance period created artwork that transcends all time and beauty as we know it, so too are our aesthetics created from the hands and mind of today’s most brilliant materials artists. Authentic, micro-detailed and exclusive; our aesthetic designs are our art and the surface is our canvas.

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